About Us

For more than 20 years, the best in the business have called upon 3D.
What sets us apart is our team of experts, our proprietary processes, our purpose-built technology – and an uncompromising commitment to your success.

Our Technology & Tools

3D Remote Coach

Take your communications skills to the next level. Anytime. Anyplace.

Communication in business never stops. You always need to come across prepared and polished.

3D Remote Coach™ brings world-class coaches to you. Content development. On-camera role-play. Real-time video playback. Expert coaching for all your communication needs.

Delivered remotely so you can immediately see and adjust how you look, sound, and impact your audience – even if they’re a continent away.

Speaker stands in front of a slide

3D Message eVAL

Go beyond one-dimensional message testing.

In the real world, your audiences talk to and influence each other – so you need to change the way you talk to and influence them.

3D Message eVAL™ gives you 360° insights to find the common ground among your most important audiences. Convening the right stakeholders. Expert moderating to capture complexities. Cutting-edge technology to reveal the meaning behind the message.

The result? Messages that change hearts and minds.

Our Power Is Our People

We bring decades of experience in highly technical and complex fields, including finance, healthcare, technology, government, academia – and a get-it-done attitude to every project.

What We Believe

effective communicator

We believe you need to be an effective communicator to be an effective leader.

Your words can change lives.

communication from the inside out

We believe that great communication comes from the inside out.

It’s not just what’s in your head, but what’s in your heart.

develop your voice

We believe you need to develop your true, authentic voice.

Your story should lead and
inspire people.

become a powerful changemaker

We believe in you!

You can become a powerful changemaker through the power of communication.

Changing Lives: Our Client Stories

In Good Company

some of 3d communication's clients