How do companies maintain the confidence of investors and analysts in the face of today’s 24/7 scrutiny?

“3D Executive Communications helped us navigate a difficult situation which could have been far worse without their involvement. I was amazed at 3D’s ability to provide valuable strategic communications counsel and coach our executives for critical conversations with investors and analysts in a short period of time.”

Chief Financial Officer, Start-up Biotech Company

The Challenge

A young biotech company, working in a challenging rare disease therapeutic area, experienced a series of issues that impacted the progress of their clinical program. The results? A loss of credibility and trust with the investor community and media. Meantime, competitors were publicly exaggerating their clinical trial successes – making statements investors, analysts, and media failed to challenge. Company leadership became increasingly frustrated. They felt their overall story and the promise of their product was getting lost in a maze of misinformation. With earnings rapidly approaching, the leadership team had to modify their content, tone, and delivery – quickly – to regain investor and analyst confidence and buoy support for their still-promising program.

The Approach

3D collaborated with a cross-functional public relations and investor relations team to gather insights, conduct a communications audit, and identify opportunities for proactive and reactive communications. Then, the team refocused their communications strategy on earnings and other critical meetings. They developed a consistent story and messages, anticipated and prioritized questions, crafted clear and concise responses, and coached spokespeople to regain control of their narrative. Finally, 3D used a combination of on-camera and remote coaching to help executives excel in crucial conversations with their Board of Directors, the investor community, and the media.

The Results

Company executives reframed the narrative, fostered ongoing dialogue, and began rebuilding confidence with the investor community and media – even in the face of bad news. As the situation evolved, 3D continued to work with the company virtually to ensure executives were always prepared, in control of their story, and ready for effective, two-way communications that defined the true value of their business.

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