How do you align disjointed company messages and tell a focused brand story across the entire enterprise?

“Our 3D Coaching team helped us align on a unified external story, led efforts to coach our team, and helped embed communication skills into our culture.

They brought creativity, technical expertise, and a real passion for communications excellence.

Today, we’re better positioned to achieve success, move the market, and support patients across the U.S. in a focused and effective way.”

Vice President, Global Biopharmaceuticals Company

The Challenge

Even with innovative products and commercial success, this biopharmaceutical company was confusing external stakeholders with too many messages. Audiences were uncertain of the company’s strategy and various internal teams were addressing the confusion in silos. Even though the company had established an internal mentoring program, the mentors themselves had no training in how to coach and support their team members to be effective, confident communicators. Achieving their company goals would require an aligned, consistent story, a solid infrastructure for communications training, and a pull-through strategy that fundamentally changed the way they communicated.

The Approach

3D Executive Communications worked closely with the client to develop and sustain an internal process for content development and communications coaching. 3D helped the team create an aligned messaging platform based on insights from cross-functional teams. Our coaches also supported the team in developing tools for responding to objections or difficult questions from a broad range of stakeholders. In preparation for a major company meeting, 3D developed and delivered an interactive, multichannel “train-the-trainer” program, preparing leaders to coach their teams on using the new communications tools and then sustain the platform and process over time.

The Results

3D worked with the client to train more than 200 team members on the new message platform and helped the organization learn and practice the best ways to successfully deliver the company’s narrative. The client credited the work with building internal capacity to improve communications and enabling the organization to deliver an aligned story to external stakeholders. To build on the success, 3D supported the team on developing parallel in-person and virtual programs focused on reinforcing the communication skills and sustaining the learnings.

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