How do you build practical communications skills and share best practices – virtually – when conventional rules for a global launch no longer apply?

“I continue to be impressed with how the 3D team rolls up their sleeves with our team to get the job done.

They always think outside-the-box, work flexibly with our team, and deliver practical and impactful communications programming – whether face-to-face or virtual.”

Executive Director, Head of Scientific Communications, Education & Digital Content, Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Fortune 250 Pharmaceutical Company


When the COVID pandemic struck, a major pharmaceutical company’s launch of its promising new cancer treatment was jeopardized. Suddenly, the opportunity to meet face-to-face and train a global organization on an aligned communications strategy for launch in a single, live event disappeared. Conventional rules no longer applied to the new normal. Undeterred, the 3D team partnered with the company’s commercial and medical leadership to refocus efforts and train their global ambassador team for launch success.


3D’s coaches and technicians leveraged their years of remote coaching experience and technology to adapt the program overnight for virtual learning. The 3D team developed a condensed agenda that balanced the need to cover required topics with the need for “brain breaks” to avoid “Zoom fatigue.” We also used targeted pre-work to engage participants, adapted the content into manageable chunks for easy processing, and designed visuals and interactive materials to keep participants focused and engaged. Working closely with a cross-functional team from medical, commercial, and training, we leveraged existing materials and processes to efficiently develop relevant and purposeful content focused on proactive delivery of messaging and handling of objections. The coaches and technicians customized small group virtual breakout sessions to ensure all participants could gain experience using their key materials in realistic, virtual role-plays. Communication and engagement best practices were immediately captured after each workshop and shared with the global ambassadors following the program. In addition, the team worked quickly to develop a best practice guide and videos to help sustain and embed learnings in key countries and regions.


Participants, including members of the core leadership team, were very impressed with the virtual communications coaching experience and how quickly the 3D transitioned the programming to a virtual event. 3D’s focus on making the program interesting, interactive, and relevant resulted in participants staying focused, being energized, and engaging as they do in face-to-face engagement. It ultimately translated into practical communications skill-building for a successful launch.


In just a few virtual sessions – with the right planning, process, and technology – you can equip global teams to deliver key messages with clarity, manage objections with consistency, and respond to questions with confidence.  Virtual communication programs can accelerate sharing of best practices and launch excellence launch excellence on a country level and throughout the world.


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