How do you coach a Keynote Speaker to start strong and keep thousands engaged in one of the world's largest scientific conferences that goes virtual overnight?

“I’ve given hundreds of talks, but this one was the culmination of my year as President, and I had to deliver it to a lifeless camera lens instead of a live audience. You really captured the essence of what I wanted to convey and helped me excel in a virtual environment, which I’ve learned takes an entirely different skillset.”

Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Drug Development World-leading Cancer Research Institute

The Challenge

Overnight, one of the largest annual scientific conferences in the world had to transform its live event into a virtual one. That meant the highly anticipated opening Presidential Address had to be videotaped. The President had to be as dynamic virtually as in person and set the tone for the entire conference.

The Approach

3D used our unique speechwriting and coaching processes to create a powerful connection between the President and his virtual audience. As former TV news anchors and reporters, our speechwriters approach each talk as a story and the writing as a collaboration. Working closely with the organization’s communications team, video producer and the President, we created an emotional montage of words and photos to open the talk; interviewed the President and other stakeholders to gather facts, examples and anecdotes; and wove it all together, pulling through the “red thread” – the President’s theme – to create a cohesive, substantive and meaningful narrative. We then employed 3D RemoteCoach,™ our innovative virtual video playback and coaching tool, to ensure authenticity and polish. We coached the President to “talk” the script in a natural, conversational style (while reading off a teleprompter;) to use pausing, pacing, pitch and tone to build drama; and to significantly increase his energy, as necessary for live and recorded virtual performances.

The Results

Social media immediately lit up with quotes from the President’s speech and positive accolades. The “incredible opening session” was “patient-centered,” “inspirational,” “motivating,” “informative and engaging,” “amazing,” and “would have gotten a standing ovation (in person.)” Most importantly, the President was proud of his performance and the organization felt it was one of the best Presidential Addresses ever delivered.

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