How do you help a team during a pandemic go from face-to-face to virtual communications so they can continue educating healthcare providers and patients?

“We were working with 3D when the pandemic forced an overnight change in the way we engage and educate healthcare providers, their staff, and patients.

3D helped us mobilize immediately – empowering our team to be more effective and confident communicators in our new virtual reality.

We’ve built skills that will help us now and in whatever the future will hold.”

National Director, Educator Team, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge

Overnight, the coronavirus pandemic changed the way this Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company approached healthcare provider and patient education. Suddenly, their teams had to switch from delivering in-person educational programs to all-virtual ones. While team members had some experience with remote communication, this was the first time they had to deliver all their programs virtually – and to an audience not familiar with learning online.

The Approach

3D refocused the coaching sessions, providing practical insights on how to be engaging, conversational, and effective in a totally remote environment. Using 3D RemoteCoach™, an innovative web-based process, 3D coaches conducted one-on-one, on-camera role-plays, immediately played back the sessions, and provided communications coaching in real time. The 3D team quickly identified participants’ challenges, leveraged their communication strengths, and improved their performances. 3D helped each team member follow their scripted narrative to stay compliant with company policies, while ensuring their audience stayed fully engaged.

The Results

Within one week of initiating the newly-focused remote coaching program, team members were meeting the challenges brought on by COVID-19, carrying on their important work with healthcare providers and patients.

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