How do you take raw pre-clinical trial data and get it ready for media and investor scrutiny in less than 48 hours?

“The pressure was on. We knew we had exciting data in our hands that showed once again how important one of our products could be in the fight against COVID-19, so we had to work fast to get this news to the broader media and investor communities. We were very impressed with 3D’s ability to quickly and effectively translate the science into a meaningful story that delivered value to our key stakeholders.”

Chief Executive, European Biotech Company

The Challenge

When a small biotech company found out one of its key products could treat COVID-19, senior management knew they had to share the pre-clinical data with investors as quickly as possible. This meant creating a scripted Investor Relations (IR) slide deck, a Q&A document, and a media release – all within 36 hours. Adding to the challenges, the product’s mechanism of action was complicated and difficult to explain, and the company, which was only recently listed, was still in the process of trying to establish itself as a credible player within the international investor community.

The Approach

The 3D team mobilized immediately. Within hours, our communications experts, science leads and design team were working to meet the deadlines of our client. We first had to unpack the complex science behind this significant data set as well as the product’s mode of action. Next up was the development of a clear story that made clear to investors and other key stakeholders just how valuable this product could be in the fight against COVID-19. The 3D team swiftly created a robust Key Message Grid that served as the blueprint for all communications materials. 3D’s science and communications leads also worked with the client to identify the most challenging questions and help them with clear and convincing answers. Thanks to our efficient process, we were able to quickly turn around the IR deck, Q&A document and media release, and get the news out on time.

The Results

The team was able to clearly explain the therapy and the promise it holds in the fight against COVID-19 during the investor call. The financial value of the company increased significantly as shares rose more than 12 percent in high trading volumes on the day of the announcement, and continued to climb in the days and weeks following the announcement.

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