How do you tell a clear story during the global launch of a complicated, breakthrough cancer therapy?

“Our 3D coaches and scientists traveled the globe working with our in-country people on speaking, messaging, and communication skills. They literally transformed the way we communicate – dramatically improving confidence and message delivery.”

Executive Director, Regional Oncology,

Fortune 100 Company

The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical company was preparing for a series of launches in 30 countries of a new, breakthrough cancer therapy. They were entering a competitive marketplace with a drug that had a complicated mechanism of action. Executives needed to communicate to a wide range of stakeholders including physicians, pharmacists, payers, and patients – who all had different levels of understanding and different interests. The challenge was how to help a team with little to no communications experience communicate an aligned story and still meet the needs of its diverse audiences – in different parts of the world. The stakes were high, but confidence in the team achieving communications excellence was low.

The Approach

3D Executive Communications worked closely with the team over several years to develop a global, communications training program to support this global product launch.

Our coaches aligned executives in key functions on a unified communications goal and established a clear, consistent, and scientifically credible message platform that could be delivered to diverse audiences worldwide. 3D traveled country to country, conducting interactive workshops to prepare team members to deliver the product’s story clearly and respond with confidence to tough questions from key stakeholders.

The Results

3D helped the team achieve a successful launch – reaching more than 500 people in 30 countries through more than 40 training workshops. The team was able to simplify how the product worked, differentiate it in a crowded market, and persuade stakeholders of the urgent need.

The success of the initial product launch has paved the way for the launch of eleven new indications to treat potentially fatal diseases.

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