How do you turn a crisis into an opportunity to change the way a company communicates?

"Our executives thought they were great communicators, so they resisted coaching. The crisis got their attention. You turned them around.

3D did much more than help protect our brand, you changed the way we communicate internally and externally."

Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Communications and Reputation Management, Fortune 150 Company

The Challenge

When a “can’t miss” billion-dollar product launch goes nowhere fast, a Fortune 150 company finds its share price sinking, its leadership under attack, and its reputation taking a beating.

The Approach

No crisis occurs in a vacuum. Quite often the crisis is a symptom of a larger problem. This failure to launch was the result of a flawed communications culture. Working to mitigate the crisis, 3D’s Executive Communications team realized the real challenge was making sure it didn’t happen again. That meant convincing leadership to change the way it communicated across the enterprise – and fast!

3D started our communications program by showing leadership how their communications were siloed, splintered, and ineffective. We then took them through a process to help them align on a clear goal; we created a comprehensive communications strategy designed to break down those silos and ensure unified messaging. 

Once the strategy was clear and aligned, 3D worked with executives to reshape the company’s topline story, making its “mission” and  “value” statements the foundation of a dynamic new corporate narrative that people could articulate across the enterprise. We also worked with executives to ensure they could deliver their messages in the face of challenging questions.

The Results

Company leadership quickly came to understand that effective communications is fundamental to business success. Nearly five years after the initial crisis, 3D’s messaging and coaching programs have become part of the company’s communications culture.

3D works across the entire enterprise, from helping senior executives take their leadership skills to the next level, to helping identify and develop the communications skills of rising stars. Our programs ensure unified messaging — creating an environment in which the company has a large chorus that speaks with one voice — reinforcing the corporate brand.

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