How do you use communications to help a non-profit stand out and motivate donors to give – and give more – to their cause?

“The competition for dollars in the non-profit world is as fierce as in any industry. 3D helped us communicate our mission, vision, and our need in a way that touched the hearts of potential donors and helped us stand out from the pack.

With their coaching, we raised millions of dollars more to feed, shelter, protect, and support millions of people around the world.”

Vice President, multinational Non-Governmental Organization

The Challenge

Lifesaving and life-changing work in the developing world is a cause that millions of people rally around each year. Despite smart, passionate people, a strong global network, and tangible success stories, one of the world’s largest NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) felt they could take their communications across their organization to a new level.

The NGO was focused on tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. But, how could they compete against a virtual sea of other NGOs, also seeking money for worthy humanitarian causes?

The Approach

3D Executive Communications worked strategically with C-suite, global executives and established donors in the United States, Europe, and Africa to transform the way leaders communicated with prospective donors. Our program showed them how to identify and understand the specific emotional drivers that would persuade potential donors to contribute – or get current donors to give at a higher level.

3D worked with the organization to develop a focused narrative, balancing the organization’s success stories with the urgent need for help in a way that captivated donors’ hearts and motivated them to action. Our coaches provided “in the moment” feedback and coaching to help executives master message delivery and respond to challenging questions as to why donors should support their organization’s humanitarian efforts.

3D also conducted “train-the-trainer” sessions to ensure the learnings extended to the broader organization and could be amplified as part of the client’s overall communication efforts.

The Results

3D’s work with the client continues as it embeds the 3D ACT process and communication tools across their organization. Global executives and established donors are now able to better connect with the needs of potential donors on an emotional level and communicate in a way that matters to their audience.

The client credits the work with raising millions of dollars to help families and communities worldwide address poverty and injustice.

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