Cindy DiBiasi

“I saw how the smartest people in complex fields like science, technology, and finance lost opportunities because they couldn’t communicate the value of their product, perspective, or passion. I knew I could help them connect and move people to action.”

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Cindy has built a reputation as a leading communications consultant who specializes in helping executives connect with audiences – regardless of the complexity of the issue. 3D was built on the mission of helping the best and brightest to become powerful communicators, inspire audiences, and grow as leaders – so they can take advantage of every opportunity.


Cindy’s approach to communication training is rooted in the belief that everyone learns differently and has unique talents to bring to their conversations and presentations. But before she helps them communicate, she focuses them on analyzing what their audiences need and want to hear – and what they are trying to achieve as speakers. Cindy works with executives to develop persuasive messages on controversial issues, and prepares them to deliver their messages conversationally while confidently handling the toughest objections from audiences.


Cindy started turning complicated information into clear, engaging stories as a broadcast reporter in the United States and Europe. Her reporting jobs have ranged from serving as the medical reporter for the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., to working as a correspondent for CBS Radio in Paris, where she covered business, culture, and breaking news. Cindy serves on the Board of Directors for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association and is on the Advisory Council of World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World. She has a master’s degree in International Relations from Boston University in Paris and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Marywood University.

Special Interests

Cindy supports World Vision, one of the world’s largest non-governmental agencies that works to overcome poverty and injustice across the globe. She has seen firsthand the work World Vision does with refugees and poverty-stricken communities — and has helped the organization improve its communications with donors, the media, and the people it serves. When she is not busy working or volunteering, Cindy enjoys working out, discovering new worlds through travel, and collecting art from unknown artists.

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