Kate Dion

“I am passionate about making sure clients have the skills and messages they need to engage effectively and constructively with their key stakeholders. Mastering the art of communication can enable them to drive change in a collaborative and meaningful way.”

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Based in Europe, Kate has built a strong foundation helping clients understand and engage more effectively and positively with important and often confrontational audiences.


For Kate, every conversation is a chance for leaders to make a difference – whether they’re speaking to employees, shareholders, customers, or the media. She works closely with executives to cut through the noise and focus on smart communications strategies that maximize the impact of their narratives – helping them communicate to their audiences with purpose and confidence. Kate coaches in both English and German.


Kate worked as a Reuters correspondent based in Zurich, where she covered the Swiss healthcare industry. She then moved to industry, working at F. Hoffmann-La Roche’s pharmaceutical division in Switzerland, where she held numerous positions in the Global and Regional Europe organizations. Kate has a master’s degree in Modern History and German from the University of St. Andrews and a post-graduate diploma in journalism from the University of Westminster.

Special Interests

Outside of 3D Communications, Kate loves walking in the beautiful Scottish countryside or skiing in the Alps. She enjoys being a mom to two beautiful daughters who constantly challenge her to communicate with precision, explain the “why,” and always show patience and empathy.

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