Michelle Zucatti

“I like to communicate as if I’m paying per word. Too often people use superfluous language to sound smart and the result is a confused audience. I don’t even like the word superfluous – it’s unnecessary – literally.”

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Michelle is a strategic communicator who specializes in messaging, content development, and creating visuals to enhance presentations. With her background in public health, experience writing critical regulatory presentations, and passion for clear communications, Michelle draws from both sides of her brain to help presenters deliver persuasive and credible messages.


Michelle takes an evidence-based approach to communications and tailors proven methods to each presenter’s personal style. Her first conversation is always about the communications goal as she works with presenters to define their own success and the strategy to get there. When developing messages, Michelle strives for powerful simplicity – messages that influence and pop. Her comfortable, driven style allows presenters to crush their communications goals and have fun along the way.


Michelle’s background is in public health. She began her career at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center coordinating clinical trials and quickly realized her passion went beyond the science to communicating what the science was telling us. She has worked in all phases of the research process, from recruitment strategies to data presentation, and she has developed and delivered educational training programs to medical practices. Michelle has spent the past decade helping presenters deliver mission-critical content at high-stakes meetings in the U.S. and Europe.

Special Interests

Michelle is passionate about Maternal and Infant Health Policy and Women’s Behavioral Health. From her early career in postpartum depression research, Michelle became an advocate for policies that support the physical and mental health of mothers. She also supports the March of Dimes initiatives to prevent premature birth and to give every baby the best possible start. When Michelle isn’t working, she’s working. She’s either chasing after her two young children or participating in local fitness events.

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