What you say, how you say it, and why you say it, matters.

At 3D, we customize services to help you communicate with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

Take advantage of every communications opportunity with an integrated suite of services.

virtual communication

Coaching for Virtual Communications

How can you come across as professional and polished in virtual meetings as you do face-to-face?

Use on-camera role-plays and real-time video playback to master communicating virtually.

Communicating remotely takes more than just turning on your webcam and opening your mouth.

Coaching for Virtual Communications empowers you to up your game and develop the skills you need to maximize your impact in the new world of fully remote communication. Our coaches virtually deliver world-class, customized training with our innovative web-based process, 3D Remote Coach™.

messaging and content development

Messaging & Content Development

How do you translate complex information and data into persuasive communications?

Create presentations that inform, influence, and inspire.

3D Messaging and Content Development services empower you with clear, precise messages, speeches, and slides that resonate with your audiences – and motivate them to take action.

media training

Media Training

How do leaders win in the volatile world of 24/7 media?

They anticipate challenging questions, prepare their sound bites, and practice their message delivery.

Whether you’re chasing the media or the media are chasing you, 3D Media Training provides a team of former reporters, producers, and media spokespeople. They coach industry leaders to break through the chaos of the fast-changing world of instantaneous, interactive media.

speaker training

Speaker Training

How do you break through the noise – and make a lasting impression?

Find your unique voice and take your speaking skills to the next level.

3D Speaker Training helps you make a positive impression on your most important audiences. We conduct our coaching in French, German, Spanish, and English.

leadership communications

Leadership Communications

How do great leaders tell their story and connect personal values to business goals?

They discover their authentic voice.

3D Leadership Communications helps transform leaders into great communicators by coaching them to deliver a more credible and powerful story.

investor and analyst communications

Investor & Analyst Communications

How do companies maintain the confidence of investors and analysts in the face of 24/7 scrutiny?

They know what’s at stake. They have the right story. Their leaders are well-prepped and always ready to openly discuss their business.

Increased transparency requirements, easy access to information, and instantaneous communication mean that anyone can be analyzing your company, anytime.

3D Investor and Analyst Communications works with your team to ensure your strategy is well-informed and your story is compelling – preparing you for effective, two-way communications that maintain credibility with investors, analysts, and shareholders. We help you differentiate your company and succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

crisis communications

Crisis Communications

How prepared are you for a crisis?

Our coaches have seen it all.

3D Crisis Communications experts will help you plan and prepare for even the worst crisis to protect your brand and manage your reputation.

product launch communications

Product Launch Communications

How do you differentiate a new product in a highly competitive, evolving marketplace?

You need to break through with effective communications.

3D Product Launch Communications specializes in helping your team simplify complicated information and deliver persuasive messages that achieve product launch success.

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